1.有关”dog”的英语短语(要10个) It rains dogs and cats倾盆大雨 You are a lucky dog.你真是个幸运儿。 l…


It rains dogs and cats倾盆大雨

You are a lucky dog.你真是个幸运儿。

love me love my dog爱屋及乌

My boss is a jolly dog.我的老板是个风趣的家伙。

Every dog has his day.凡人都有得意时。

David works like a dog .David工作真卖劲儿。

The film must be a real dog.这部电影一定很糟糕。

Your partner is a dirty dog.你的合伙人是个卑鄙小人。

The poet died like a dog .这位诗人潦倒而死。

They treated him like a dog.他们把他看得粪土不如。

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.老人难改变。

He is really a dead dog.他是个没用的东西。

There is no point in having a dog–eat–dog attitude.

A: We are just making a living here and I thind there is no point in having a dog–eat–dog attitude.

B: You are absolutely right.We should be more cooperative.

A: 我们都是在这里谋生,我想采取相互攻击的态度是没有意义的。

B: 你是对的,我们应该精诚合作。

在英语中,由动物构成的英语短语诙谐幽默、秒趣横生并且寓意深刻。有时在口语中用上几句,会令人有耳目一新的感觉。但使用时要注意东西方文化中动物的比喻和象征的差异,以免造成误解。在西方,狗被称为人类最好的朋友(man’s best friend),英语中有大量“关于狗的习惯用语”(canine idioms)。在英语中,dog既可以是中性词,也可以含有贬义,还可以表示一种亲密的关系。 在《圣经》中就有关于狗的谚语,例如:A living dog is better than a dead lion。(Ecclesiates:9:4《传道书》9章4节)活狗胜过死狮。(即:贱而有用的东西胜过贵而无用的东西。) 生活中,狗被用来形容形形色色的人:即有lucky dog(幸运的人),也有dead dog(没用的人,没有价值的人);既有top dog(斗胜了的狗,喻指“优胜者,左右全局的人”),也有under dog(斗输了的狗,喻指“失败者”)。 我们熟悉的成语有: 1)You can’t teach an old dog new tricks (老狗学不回新把戏) 2)Every dog has its day.(凡人皆有得意日。)。


love me love my dog 爱屋及乌lazy dog 懒骨头a gay dog 一个快乐的人every dog has his day凡人皆有得意日 lead a dog’s life 过穷困潦倒的日子 not have a dog’s chance 毫无机会 top dog 当权派;头儿 treat sb. like a dog 不把某人当人看 a hunting dog 猎犬 a lazy dog 懒汉 a gay dog 一个快乐的人 a dirty dog 下流坯 dog-days n.[pl.]三伏天, 大热天; 无所作为的时期, 无精打彩的日子 A good dog deserves a good bone.[谚]好狗应该啃好骨头, 有功者受赏。

A living dog is better than a dead lion.[谚]死狮不如活狗。 A staff [stick] is quickly [soon] found to beat a dog with.[谚]欲加之罪, 何患无辞。

An old dog barks not in vain.[谚]老狗不乱吠; 老狗 一吠, 就得小心。 An old dog will learn no new tricks. (=You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.)[谚]老狗学不了新把戏; 老年人很难适应新事物。

as [like] a dog with two tails非常开心[高兴] Barking dogs seldom bite.[谚]爱叫的狗 不咬人; 咬人的狗不露齿。 be (old) dog at (a thing)对。

有经验; 对。很内行 Beware of a silent dog and still water.[谚]提防不吠的狗, 小心 静止的水。

come like a dog at a whistle一呼即来 Every dog has his day.[谚]凡人皆有得意日。 Every dog is a lion at home. [Every dog is valiant at his own door.][谚]狗是百步王, 只在门前凶。

Fight dog, fight bear.[谚]打个青红皂白, 一决雌雄。 Give a dog a bad [an ill] name(and hang him).[谚]一旦给人加一个坏名声, 他就永远洗刷不掉; 人言可畏。

It is ill to waken sleeping dogs. [let sleeping dogs lie; don’t wake a sleeping dog.]别多事, 别惹麻烦。 lead a dog’s life过着牛马不如的生活 love me, love my dog.[谚]你若把我当朋友, 也要把我的朋友当朋友; 爱屋及乌。

Scornful[Hungry] dogs will eat dirty puddings.[谚]人到危急时, 平时所不屑做的也要做; 急不暇择, 饥不择食。 teach an old dog new tricks使守旧的人接受新事物 teach the dog to bark教狗怎么叫(意指多此一举) The dog returns to his vomit.狗回头吃自己吐出来的东西; 重犯旧日罪恶。


As is known to all,dogs are huaman’s best friends,they can be our cute pet too,so many people like them very much.

The little dogs are very adorable.Some just have dogs for pleasure,and they even build house for their dogs.

The dogs are human’s best friends,for example.Some dogs are trained to catch bandits,some are able to guard our home.And if you are police,the dogs can be very helpful in many fields,because they have acute sense of smell.Moreover,if you walk the dogs outdoors at night,you will not feel afraid.



1, The best fish swim near the bottom。 好鱼常在水底游。

2,Don’t trust a goat with the kitchen-garden,or a wolf with sheepfold。 不能请羊管菜园,不能请狼管羊圈。

3,The fox preys farthest from his hole。 狐狸捕食,远离洞府。(兔子不吃窝边草。)

4,Too much pudding will choke a dog。 布丁太多噎死狗。


ass — a stupid,foolish person 傻瓜 2。

a bull — a person who acts clumsily or rashly 笨蛋、莽汉 3。a black sheep — a person considered undesirable or disgraceful 害群之马、败家子 at—anastyperson讨厌鬼 oginamanger—apersonwhopreventsothersfromenjoyingsomethingthatisuselesstohim占着茅坑不拉屎的人 onkey—afoolish,slow-thinkingperson愚人 ragon—afierceperson凶汉、猛汉 ox—apersonwhodeceivesothersbymeansofclevertricks骗子 oose—asillyperson,especiallyfemale傻瓜,尤其指女性 arkhorse—apersonwhoseabilitiesarehiddenorunknown能力潜藏不露的人、黑马 ion—afamousandimportantperson要人、名人 onkey—achildwhoisfullofannoyingplayfulnessandtricks顽童 ouse—aperson,especiallyawomanwhoisquietandeasilymadeafraid寡言少语且胆小之人,尤其是妇女14。

a parrot — a person who repeats, often without understanding the words or actions of another 跟屁虫、亦步亦趋之人 15。a pig — a dirty, greedy or ill-mannered person 肮脏鬼、贪得无厌的人、粗汉 at—acowardlytraitor懦弱的叛徒 nake—atreacherouspersonwhopretendstobefriend貌似友善的坏蛋 iger—apersonlikesuchananimalinfierceness,courage,etc。



1.美女们会告诉你love me, love my dog,爱我?先爱我的狗,“爱屋及乌”的意思。

2.in dog days: Dog days指的是“the hottest weeks of the summer”夏天最热的几个星期。通常指的是七月第三周起到八月第四周的一段日子,“三伏天”的意思。

3.every dog has his day 每只狗都有自己的一天,就是说“每个人都有自己风光的一天”——和我们中文的“风水轮流转”“三十年河东,三十年河西”相去不远

4. dog tired ( 特别累的)不知你有没有注意到不论周围环境多嘈杂吵闹也吵不醒一只沉沉酣睡的狗。狗为什么睡得那么熟呢? 也许狗是累得筋疲力尽才睡着的。这就是dog tired这个习惯用语的出典。所以 dog tired 意思是” 累得动弹不得的 ,”或者是” 筋疲力尽的 。”

5. go to the dogs 这个习惯用语来自这样的概念:人们吃剩下的残羹冷饭可以拿去喂狗。换句话说,到狗那儿去的总是比较次等低劣的东西。当然这个习惯用语是用来作比喻的。所以 go to the dogs 意思是 越来越糟,有时甚至有日渐堕落,以至毁灭的意思 。

6. rain cats and dogs 有一种说法是这个习惯用语来自十七世纪的英国,当时滂沱大雨能把城镇的大街小巷变成河流溪道,大水沿著街巷滔滔而下,随波漂流的是街上无家可归的猫和狗,于是人们就开始用 rain cats and dogs 来形容 倾盆大雨 了。

7. top dog Top意思是“最高的”。由此可见top dog就是狗群里地位最高、领头的那一只,也许是因为这条狗体格最高大强壮,也可能由于它最灵敏。top dog是指居支配地位的、有最高权力的人。top dog就是掌权人。


the dog is lovely the dog likes eating bones the dog always sleep early the dog is obedient the skin of the dog feels confortable the dog is from japan the dog is years old the dog is a male one the dog is my friends’。

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8.有没有关于狗的英语小短文阿 急

i can’t say i love dogs but i do like dogs.. looking at a puppy’s eyes you ain’t stop thinking “what a sweetheart he/she is”. of coz, i prefer big dogs, labrador is my favorite. according to the dictionary, the labs are kinda a strongly built, medium-sized, short-coupled, dog possessing a sound, athletic, well-balanced conformation that enables it to function as a retrieving gun dog. i don’t have experience of adopting big dogs, well, i used to have a small yorkie named martha, died many years ago and it was a great time when we were friends, she brought the happy time for my family when i was still young. back to lab, a neighbor of mine used to having a lab with a name of “big gal”, she was smart and loyal to us. she even prevented a case of housebreaking. i still remember the scene of her patrol accompanied by her son, a male lab as same size as her on the backyard. guess the “men’s best friends ” coming from this. also, there was one thing i still couldn’t help laughing out was that she’d never chased or driven cats who were lousing around the neighborhood instead of chasing rats. they were so excited like winning the lottery each time when they saw a mouse passing by, the result of coz, pursuit failed . i just don’t get it why they like doing this, guess they just wanna take over the cat’s job and do more works for our community.:)

i read newspapers saying more and more roaming dogs are on the street and neighborhood. the reason coming from those who adopted the dogs, but losing the interest or other reasons, abandoned their dogs who used to bringing happy to their adopter. i dislike such behavior. they may send their dogs to someplace like dog center, not just drove their dogs away. men should treat dogs as our friends not toys, well, what can i say? just hope people will be kind to their friends – dogs, after all, they are our best and more loyal friends we ever have.