1.宾语从句的句子 在宾语从句中,其例句数不胜数,在此,我仅选取几条:由that,if,whether引导的宾语从句, 1.He told me (that he would) g…


在宾语从句中,其例句数不胜数,在此,我仅选取几条:由that,if,whether引导的宾语从句, 1.He told me (that he would) go to the college the next year 他告诉我他明年上大学. 2.I don’t know if there will be a bus any more. 我不知道是否还会有公交车. 3.Nobody knew whether he could pass the exam. 没人知道他是否会通过考试. 由who, whom ,whose ,what ,whoever ,whomever ,whosever, whatever, whichever等.引导的宾语从句1.Do you know who has won Red Alert game? 你知道是谁赢得了红色警报的游戏? 2.The book will show you what the best CEOs should know. 这本书会告诉你最好的执行总裁该了解些什么. 3.Have you determined whichever you should buy,a Motorola or Nokia cell phone? 你决定好是买诺基亚还是摩托罗拉的电话了吗? 由when,where,why,how,whenever,wherever,however等.引导的宾语从句 1.He didn’t tell me when we should meet again. 他没有告诉我什么时候我们能再见面. 2.Could you please tell me how you use the new panel? 你能告诉我怎么用这个新的操作盘吗? 3.None of us knows where these new parts can be bought. 没有人知道这些的新的零件能在哪里买到。


宾语从句*/1 I know what she wants to do.

2 I don’t think he is a clever boy.

3 Larry doesn’t know where to go.

4 He told me (that he would) go to the college the next year

5Nobody knew whether he could pass the exam.

6 I have found out that all the tickets for the concert have been sold out.

7 Can you work out how much we will spend during the trip?

8 Make sure that there are no mistakes in your papers before you turn them in.

9 I have made it a rule that I keep diaries

10 We take it that you will agree with us.


Is he the man who/that wants to see you?

He is the man whom/ that I saw yesterday.

They rushed over to help the man whose car had broken down.

Please pass me the book whose (of which) color is green.

A prosperity which / that had never been seen before appears in the countryside.

By the time you arrived in London, we had stayed there for two weeks.

My house, which I bought last year, has got a lovely garden.

This novel, which I have read three times, is very touching.

He seems not to have grasped what I meant, which greatly upsets me.

The boys who are playing football are from Class One.


正常语句的结构是 主语+谓语+宾语,其中的宾语如果是用一个句子来代替的,那么这个句子就是宾语从句。这是我个人的解释,不知道你能理解多少。

像这句话,主语是Bills 谓语 wants to know动词短语作谓语, 而宾语就是动词短语后的where she lives。其中的宾语从句的结构为 疑问词+陈述句语序,时态与主句一致。

最简单的 I konw what you say.主语 I 谓语Know 宾语从句做宾语 what you say。




1.He told that he would go to the college the next year


2.Nobody knew whether he could pass the exam.


3.Have you determined whichever you should buy,a Motorola or Nokia cell phone?


4.He told us that they would help us though the whole work.


5.I only knew he was studying in a western country,but I didn’t know what country he was in.


6.He told me that he had told Mary about the meeting already.



1.I think it necessary that we take plenty of hot water every day .


2.I feel it a pity that I haven’t been to the get-together.


3.We take it that you will agree with us.


4.When you start the engine, you must see to it that car is in neutral.

开启发动机时, 一定要使汽车的离合器处于空挡位置.

5. know nothing about my new neighbor except that he used to work with a company.


6.Who do you think the public might choose as their favorite singer this year?




I think China is a very interesting country. I think I am very handsome and cool. Mr Smith said that they had dicided to go someplace in China. The teacher said that Lucy was a good sutdent. Do you know where he works? Their father tells then that they are going to move to a new house. Mr Xia said that he would buy a book in the afternoon. The teacher told them that they paricte the piano in the afternoon. she asks me if Mary is at home. The teacher asked what you were doing.。


正常语句的结构是 主语+谓语+宾语,其中的宾语如果是用一个句子来代替的,那么这个句子就是宾语从句。

这是我个人的解释,不知道你能理解多少。像这句话,主语是Bills 谓语 wants to know动词短语作谓语, 而宾语就是动词短语后的where she lives。

其中的宾语从句的结构为 疑问词+陈述句语序,时态与主句一致。最简单的 I konw what you say.主语 I 谓语Know 宾语从句做宾语 what you say。





宾语从句中引导词的用法 在复合句中作主句的宾语,引导词有: 连词:that (that 常可省略),whether, if 代词:who, whose, what ,which 副词:when ,where, how, why 等。 (一)that引导的宾语从句(在非正式场合that可以省略) 可跟that从句做宾语的动词有: say, think, insist, wish, hope, demand, imagine, wonder, know, suppose, see, believe, agree, admit, deny, expect, explain, order, command, feel, dream, suggest, hear, mean, notice, prefer, request, require, propose, declare, report等。

例句:The boy believes that he will travel through space to other planets. 注意事项:当主句谓语动词是 think, believe, suppose, expect 等词,而宾语从句的意思是否定时,常把否定转移至主句表示。 例句:I don’t think it is right for him to treat you like that. 在以下情况中that不能省略 当句中的动词后接多于两个由that引导的宾语从句时,第一个that可省,但后面的that不可省。

例句:He said (that) you were too young to understand the matter and that he was asked not to tell you. 当主句的谓语动词与that宾语从句之间有插入语时,that一般不可省。 例句:Just then I noticed, for the first time, that our master was wearing his fine green coat and his black silk cap. 当that从句是双宾语中的直接宾语时,that不可省。

例句:I can’t tell him that his mother died. 注意事项:许多带复合宾语的句子,that引导的宾语从句经常移到句子后部,而用it作形式宾语。 例句:I find it necessary that we should do the homework on time. (二)由whether,if 引导的宾语从句 由whether(if)引导的宾语从句,实际上是一般疑问句演变而来的。


一般说来,在宾语从句中whether与if可以互换使用,但在特殊情况下if与whether是不能互换的。 例句:I wonder whether(if) they will come to our party. 只能用whether,不能用if引导的宾语从句 在带to的不定式前 例句:We decided whether to walk there. 在介词的后面 例句:I’m thinking of whether we should go to see the film. 在动词后面的宾语从句时 例句:We discussed whether we had a sports meeting next week 直接与or not连用时 例句:I can’t say whether or not thet can come on time. 只能用if不能用whether引导的宾语从句 if引导条件状语从句,意为“如果” 例句:The students will go on a picnic if it is sunny. if引导否定概念的宾语从句时 例句:He asked if I didn’t come to school yesterday. 引导状语从句even if(即使)和as if(好象)时 例句:He talks as if he has known all about it. (三)连接代词和连接副词引导的宾语从句 这样的宾语从句实际上是由特殊疑问句变化而来的,宾语从句要用陈述句语序。

用于这种结构的动词常常是:see, say, tell, ask, answer, know, decide, show, find out, imagine, suggest, doubt, wonder, discover, understand, inform, advise等。 英语中的连接代词有:who,whom,whose,which,what,在句中担任主语、宾语、定语或者表语。

例句:Can you tell me whom you are waiting for? 英语中的连接副词有:when,where,why,how,在句中担任状语的成分。 例句:None of us knows where these new parts can be bought.。


宾语从句*/1Iknowwhatshewantstodo. 2Idon’tthinkheisacleverboy. 3Larrydoesn’tknowwheretogo. 4Hetoldme(thathewould)gotothecollegethenextyear 5Nobodyknewwhetherhecouldpasstheexam. 6Ihavefoundoutthatalltheticketsfortheconcerthavebeensoldout. 7Canyouworkouthowmuchwewillspendduringthetrip? 8Makesurethattherearenomistakesinyourpapersbeforeyouturnthemin. 9IhavemadeitarulethatIkeepdiaries 10Wetakeitthatyouwillagreewithus. 定语从句: Ishethemanwho/thatwantstoseeyou? Heisthemanwhom/thatIsawyesterday. Theyrushedovertohelpthemanwhosecarhadbrokendown. Pleasepassmethebookwhose(ofwhich)colorisgreen. Aprosperitywhich/thathadneverbeenseenbeforeappearsinthecountryside. BythetimeyouarrivedinLondon,wehadstayedtherefortwoweeks. Myhouse,whichIboughtlastyear,hasgotalovelygarden. Thisnovel,whichIhavereadthreetimes,isverytouching. HeseemsnottohavegraspedwhatImeant,whichgreatlyupsetsme. TheboyswhoareplayingfootballarefromClassOne.。