1.有关购物的英文句子 1. A: What can I do for you?=Can I help you? 请问你需要买什么? B: I’d like some …


1. A: What can I do for you?=Can I help you? 请问你需要买什么?

B: I’d like some apples. 我想要买些苹果。

2. A: Where can I buy some stationery?我在哪里可以买到些文具?

B: Let’s look at the shopping guide. Oh, it’s on the ground Floor. 我们看看购物指南。哦,在一楼。

3. A: Could I buy a kilo of oranges? 我可以买一千克桔子吗?

B: Certainly. Here you are. 当然了,给你。

4. A: Will you please show me that MP3? 你可以让我看看那个MP3吗?

B: Certainly. 当然可以。

5. A: How much is the MP3? 这个MP3多少钱?

B: Ninety yuan. 90元。

6. A: Good morning, sir. May I help you? 上午好,先生。你要点什么?

B: Yes, I’d like to buy a sweater. 是的,我想要买一件毛衣。

7.A: How do you like this shirt? 你认为这件衬衫怎么样?

B:I think it’s a little tight?我认为有点紧。

A:Please try on this one.请试一试这件。


1. After you.你先请。

这是一句很常用的客套话,在进/出门,上车得场合你都可以表现一下。 2. I just couldn’t help it.我就是忍不住。

想想看,这样一个漂亮的句子可用于多少个场合?下面是随意举的一个例子: I was deeply moved by the film and I cried and cried. I just couldn’t help it. 3. Don’t take it to heart. 别往心里去,别为此而忧虑伤神。生活实例: This test isn’t that important. Don’t take it to heart. 4. We’d better be off.我们该走了。

It’s getting late. We’d better be off . 5. Let’s face it. 面对现实吧。常表明说话人不愿意逃避困难的现状。

参考例句:I know it’s a difficult situation. Let’s face it, OK? 6. Let’s get started.咱们开始干吧。劝导别人时说:Don’t just talk. Let’s get started. 7. I’m really dead.我真要累死了。

坦诚自己的感受时说:After all that work, I’m really dead. 8. I’ve done my best.我已尽力了。 9. Is that so?真是那样吗?常用在一个人听了一件事后表示惊讶、怀疑。

10. Don’t play games with me!别跟我耍花招! 11. I don’t know for sure.我不确切知道。 Stranger: Could you tell me how to get to the town hall? Tom: I don’t know for sure. Maybe you could ask the policeman over there. 12. I’m not going to kid you.我不是跟你开玩笑的。

Karin: You quit the job? You are kidding. Jack: I’m not going to kid you. I’m serious. 13. That’s something. 太好了,太棒了。 A: I’m granted a full scholarship for this semester. B: Congratulations. That’s something. 14. Brilliant idea!这主意真棒!这主意真高明! 15. Do you really mean it? 此话当真? Michael:Whenever you are short of money, just come to me. David: Do you really mean it? 16. You are a great help.你帮了大忙 17. I couldn’t be more sure. 我再也肯定不过。

18. I am behind you.我支持你。 A: Whatever decision you’re going to make, I am behind you. 19. I’m broke.我身无分文。

20. Mind you!请注意!听着!(也可仅用Mind.) 模范例句:Mind you! He’s a very nice fellow though bad-tempered. 21. You can count on it.你尽管相信好了,尽管放心。 A:Do you think he will come to my birthday party? B: You can count on it. 22. I never liked it anyway.我一直不太喜欢这东西。

当朋友或同事不小心摔坏你的东西时就可以用上这句话给他一个台阶,打破尴尬局面:Oh, don’t worry. I’m thinking of buying a new one. I never liked it anyway. 23. That depends.看情况再说。 例:I may go to the airport to meet her. But that depends. 24. Congratulations.恭喜你,祝贺你。

25. Thanks anyway.无论如何我还是得谢谢你。当别人尽力要帮助你却没帮成时,你就可以用这个短语表示谢意。

26. It’s a deal.一言为定。


1、What’s your return policy?


2、Do you have any of these in stock?

你看到橱窗中有,但是商品区却没有这种商品。去问营业员是否有left in stock,可能储藏室还有些呢。

3、When does the store open?


4、Where are your fitting rooms?

如果你看到中意的衣服,当然要试穿一下,你就可以向售货员提出这个问题。 然而在英国,你要问的应该是changing rooms。

5、Can I get a price check for this?


6、I’m just looking.

当你走入一家店时,促销员都会问你想买什么,如果你还不知道你想买什么,这是对“Can I help you find anything?”最佳回答。


1, when ording, the address left on the order was my previous appartment, which i have moved last month. could you please resend it to my office address that follows?


2,please also kindly let me the tracking number after it was posted.


Reception 接待

1. Do you find anything you like?


2. What can I do for you?


3. Can I help you?


4. Are you being helped?/Are you being served?


5. Is there anybody waiting on you?


Choosing 选择

1. I want a pair of shoes/a jacket.


2. I’d like to see some towels.


3. Show me that one, please.


4. Let me have a look at this watch.


5. Would you show me this cup?


6. I’m interested in this new type of car.


7. I’m just looking, thanks.


8. I’d like to have a look if you don’t mind.


An attempt 试穿

1. Could you try it on please? How is it?


2. I like this one. May I try it on?


Inquiry 询问

1. Do you have any on sale?


2. If I orded a suit now, how long could it take before I got delivery?


5. I prefer a V-shaped collar to a turtleneck.