1.求黑布林阅读《绿野仙踪》英文佳句 《绿野仙踪》英文佳句1、他们往前走着,路变得越来越崎岖、陡峭,在这西方乡野里,既没有农场,也没有房屋,土地也没耕种过。 they walked…



they walked forward, the road becomes more and more rugged and steep. in the western countryside, neither farm, nor the housing, land has not been cultivated.2、数十株老树横枝,三五间雕窗映日;疏檐篱院,鱼吹池面之波。后几层待月轩,逶迤伫月;武陵桃放,渔人何处识迷津。

庚领梅开,词客此中寻好句。dozens of tree branches, 35 carved window yingri; yan lei shu institute, fish pond wave blowing. after a few months to layer xuan, meandering in months; wuling peach, where the fisherman’s general maze. geng mei collar, the versifiers in search of a good sentence.3、美丽的鲜花处处开放,羽毛奇特的鸟儿在树丛里婉转鸣唱。

beautiful flowers everywhere, strange bird feathers in the bushes melodious singing.4、她穿着一件白色外衣,许多褶边从双肩上挂下来,衣服上点缀着许多小星星,像钻石似的在阳光里闪烁。she was wearing a white coat, many ruffles hanging off the shoulders, clothes dotted with many small stars, like diamonds in the sun flashing.5、面皮黑而瘦,身材小而秀;鼻孔掀而露,耳轮大而厚;两眉短而制,双眼圆而溜;口唇红而肉,牙齿疏而透;手脚轻而骤,气色仁而寿。

skinned black and thin, the figure is small and show; nostril lift and dew, helix thick; the two eyebrows short of, round eyes and slip; red lips and meat, teeth sparse through; light hands and feet and flash, the complexion of benevolence and longevity.6、房间中央有一个小巧的喷泉,把一股股绿色大理石雕花水盆里。there is a small fountain in the middle of the room, the strands of green marble carved in the basin.7、他穿着华丽的粉色丝绸和紫色天鹅绒的衣服。

he was dressed in gorgeous pink silk and purple velvet.8、你所需要的是在于你自己信任自己。当遇见危险的时候,没有一种生物是不害怕的。

真正的胆量,是当你在害怕的时候,仍旧面对着危险,那种胆量,你是并不缺少的。all you need to do is trust yourself. there is no living creature that is not afraid when it is in danger. true courage is when you are afraid of it, still face the danger, the kind of courage, you are not the lack of.9、满面浮油,也会谈忠论孝;一身横肉,惯能惹是招非。


屡发非分之财,常兔应得之祸。a slick, also talks on filial piety loyalty; a hengrou, used to reshizhaofei. mesh copper exposed light, meets the woman do akinami; with money will often see poor smelly, but in addition to cold. jing fu trend, hard for the gentry point; fear of bullying, a singles title. repeat the disaster due to ill-gotten gains, often in rabbits.10、下午,火辣辣的太阳晒在他们的脸上,没有树木为他们遮荫,天还没黑,多萝西、托托和狮子就感到累了,躺在草地上睡着了,樵夫和稻草人守护着他们。

in the afternoon, the hot sun sun on their faces, no trees for shade to them, still black, dorothy and toto and the lion felt tired, lying on the grass and fell asleep, the woodman and the scarecrow to guard them.。



1、I know three shiftless farmhands who will be out of a job before they know it!

2、Someday they’re going to erect a statue to me in this town.

3、The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

4、Just because you own half the county doesn’t mean you have the power to run the rest of us!

5、For 23 years I’ve been dying to tell you what I’ve thought of you, but being a Christian woman, I can’t say it!

6、We’ve got to verify it legally, to see if she is morally, ethically, spiritually,physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead.

7、From now on, you’ll be history and we will glorify you’re name.

8、You’ll be a bust in the hall of fame!

9、You’ll find he is a wiz of a wiz, if ever a wiz there was!

10、With the thoughts you’d be thinking, you could be another Lincoln.

11、I’d be friends with the sparrows, and the boy who shoots the arrows, if I only had a heart.

12、That’s how we laugh the day away, in the merry old land of Oz.

13、We can make a dimple out of a frown.

14、Remember my sentimental friend, a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

15、You’re looking at a man who has sneered at doom and chuckled at atastrophe.

16、I learned that if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look further than my own backyard.


英文:If I have to find my heart again, I will not see farther than my backyard. Because if it is not my heart, I never really lost it.


韩文:내가 다시는 내 마음이 원하는 곳을 찾지 못할 경우, 좀 더 내 뒤에서보다 더 멀리 중요하지 않습니다. 그것은 내 마음 아니라면, 난 정말 이성을 잃었을 해본 적이니까.



There’s no place like home. 没有一个地方可以和家相提并论。

那是一次痛苦的经历,不过在我站在那儿的一年里我一直在思考,觉得最大的损失便是我失去了我的心,当我恋爱时,我是世界上最幸福的人;但是一个没有心的人是不能恋爱的,所以我决定请求奥芝给我一块心。It was a painful experience, but when I stood there for a year I have been thinking, I think the biggest loss is that I lost my heart, when I am in love, I am the happiest person in the world; but a man with no heart is not love, so I decided to ask oz to give me a heart.我却要得到一颗心,因为心能使一个人快乐,快乐是世界上最好的东西。

But I have a heart, because hearts can make a man happy, happy is the best thing in the world. 多萝西庄重地说:‘我从奥芝地方回来,而且托托也是,啊,爱姆婶婶,我回到家里来了,多么快乐啊!Dorothea said solemnly: ‘I came back from the land of Oz, and Toto is, ah, Aunt Em, I returned home, how happy ah!Now I know I’ve got a heart, ’cause it’s breaking.现在我知道我的心,因为它的破碎。露西:“今天我要去玩。”

Lucy: “today I’m going to play.”龙卷风呼呼 啊!救命啊,稻草人!钢铁人!Tornado shout ah! Help ah, scarecrow! Iron man.Yes, of course. Just make sure you give it to her. Make more sure that she eats it.是的,当然。只要确保你给她。

更相信她吃的。Hey [heɪ]没关系;我不在乎 (See Emily) Good-bye everyone, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin man. I’m sorry. It was nice meeting you all。

Narrator: Form then on, Emily is no longer a naughty child. She realizes the most precious treasure is the trust between friends and cherish all the friendship around her, and then becomes a lovely, pleasing, charming girl all her life.再见了各位,多萝西,狮子,稻草人,铁皮人。我很抱歉。



朋友, 这题我可以帮忙 楼上的朋友只说对了一半 The Wizard of Oz 是电影版 “绿野仙踪”的翻译 绿野仙踪原是 L。

Frank Baum先生在写的童话小说系列,后又在1939被搬上银幕。 MR BAUM 的童话小说系列包括 1 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,1900 (也就是我们所说的“绿野仙踪 ”) 2 The Marvelous Land of Oz,1904 3 Ozma of Oz,1907 4 Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz,1908 5 The Road to Oz,1909 6 The Emerald City of Oz,1910 7 The Patchwork Girl of Oz,1913 8 Tik-Tok of Oz,1914 9 The Scarecrow of Oz,1915 10 Rinkitink in Oz,1916 11 The Lost Princess of Oz,1917 12 The Tin Woodman of Oz,1918 13 The Magic of Oz,1919 14 Glinda of Oz,1920 , 我这里有2个不错的网站, 有兴趣的去看一看, 关与电影: (1939_film) 关与原著(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,by L。

Frank Baum): PS,my personal favorite is that dog, lol, it’s so funny, lol, i think it’s called toto, not really sure, but well, u can check it out and get bak to me with that if u can : ) 谢谢 cheers, bier 。